Bmw 328 vs 335 car and driver

This bmw e36 hill climb car makes a fantastic straightsix sound. The bmw 328i is better than the bmw 335i motortrend. The 335d was sold for 3 model years 2009, 2010 and 2011 before being phased out. Only from 2010 model year that the 335 uses the n55 engine have not heard much of major issue with this engine. The bmw logo fabric pad was tearing from the original floor mats on drivers side. Bmw 335i n54 stock turbo vs bmw 328 big turbo youtube. Chalk it up to the gts additional weight over that carsome of which comes from its standard xdrive allwheeldrive system. The 328xi and 335xi are at the same price in my area but the 328s have more options places on than most 335s in my price range. Im thinking about getting into a f30 or maybe the f31 328i only of course. View safety ratings and scores on the 2015 bmw 328 from the nhtsa national highway transportation safety administration.

A few weeks prior to the unveiling, bmw invited the diesel driver to spend the better part of a day with a preproduction model of the 328d. Bmw only has a 3 and a 4 series to differentiate between the sedan models and the coupe models of the same cars. Bmw names and numbers its cars based on the size of the engine. Heres why a modded bmw 328i is the best daily driver duration.

Bmw 335 and the 328 how can you tell the difference. Bmw 3 series questions difference bmw 328 i and 335 i. The 2015 bmw 3 series is a popular luxury car sold in sedan, fourdoor hatch, and wagon body styles and is available in rear and allwheeldrive configurations. The 2015 bmw 3series lineup is a sport sedan at heart, but with sports wagon and gran turismo hatchback models, its a lot more than that. In november 2017, bmw recalled 672,000 3 series cars from model years. The maroon car here is a 2008 328isix cylinders, 230 hp. The accessport v3 is the worlds best selling, most flexible ecu upgrade solution for bmw. All 3series models come with rearwheel drive, but allwheel drive is available on sedan and coupe models. I did have 2008 535 and i had my hpfp replaced twice in just 3 years of ownership for for overall reliability, the 328 would be a bit more sound. Test drivers say no matter which engine you choose, the 2016 bmw 3 series has ample. After 5 months of owning my bmw 335i e90 i have noticed several. The 328 and the awesome tranny coupled with the mean little 240 hp 4 banger turbo is a real winner. The new bmw 3 series is longer, with a wider track that provides more interior space, and is powered by a turbocharged 4cylinder engine that will once more set the benchmark for the competition. This has been discussed to death but why not one more thread about 328i vs 335i and how its like to live with each car.

Meet bmws sweet new dieselpowered 3 series m wagon motor trend. I dont know if the 335 makes like a more powerful sound or sumthin. But i have had this car for 10 years, driving every weekday to work, so the original floor mats lasted a. What is the difference between the 328 and 335 bmw coupe.

But despite the 335i being fleeter of foot the 328i hits 60 mph in 5. Indeed, the current, sixth generation code name f30 of the 3series has also lost its ironclad grip on the segmentthe topspec 335i fell. The 3series continues to offer two smooth and potent gaspowered engines. So, honestly, the difference is limited to the fact that there are two more doors on the 328i.

If i had the chance to choose id pick the lexus but before i explain why, dont choose the car which i recommend because you have to live with the car and it should be your choice in the end. For 2014, the 3 series loses its coupe and convertible body styles, as the new 4 series takes over these key segments. The differences between the 328i and the 335i of the current generation fseries are less pronounced than the older eseries, since your options are the 2. The car thats responsible for one in four global bmw sales gets more power from the available i6, a revised suspension setup and an improved. Today i wanted to make a video explaining the key differences between the bmw 328i and 335i, and hopefully give insight into which car suits.

Compare msrp, invoice pricing, and other features on the 2011 bmw 328 and 2011 bmw 335. For decades beginning in the 1960s, these two sporting sedan icons squared off. But the premium sport sedan market just isnt as relevant today as it used to be. At the 20 new york international auto show, bmw unveiled the new 328d sedan to an appreciative audience. The 2015 model comes available with the luxury line, m sport and sport line packages, each offering a unique set of features tailored to specific tastes. However, with the added strain of turbochargers, the m3 actually ends up on top in regards to reliability. After having a series of 328i loaners, neither my wife or i liked the feelsound of the engine, even though the car was quicker than our 09 328i which has an inline six. Probably not, other than you may be able to hear the turbos. The bmw beat the infiniti g35 s sedan we just tested, too, by 0. Nissan, which produces infiniti, also turned out to be an early player in this field when it began selling its datsun 510 in.

The 335is was produced in coupe and convertible models for the north american. The 2016 bmw 3 series gran turismo is a fourdoor hatchback available in two trim levels. Visit car and driver to research 2011 bmw 3series 328i 335i 335is coupe and convertible car news. You may be interested in reading more of autotraders model vs. Since its redesign, bmw has shuffled the 3series lineup around, introducing the entrylevel 320 and renaming the 328 the 330. Trust me mate you dont want to buy a car on someones. Much as the n20 engine has gotten heaps of praise the n55 is a beast and seems to have characteristics inline with what youd expect form the real. The bmw 330 appeals to buyers hoping to pick up this legendary luxury sports sedan without breaking the bank. I wanted to trade the car for another bmw but they would not give. If youre searching for a new entrylevel luxury sedan, youll probably find yourself considering the all. Get the best deals on seats for bmw 335d when you shop the largest online selection at. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Is the horsepower that necessaryrecommended for a car thatll be used daily. F30 328i vs 335i real world impressions globalcarforum.

The bmw 3 series has long been an icon in the luxury car segment, and it continues this status as it enters the 2014 model year. The 335 has two turbos, increasing the hp from 230 to 300. Bmw is often credited with being first to offer a contemporary sports sedan when it introduced its 16002 in 1966, followed two years later by the arrival of the peppier bmw 2002. Since youre looking at cpo, i assume you are looking at an f3x. The bmw 328 is a sports car made by bmw between 1936 and 1940, with the body design credited to peter szymanowski, who became bmw chief of design after world war ii although technically the car was designed by fritz fiedler. Per car and driver a 2011 335i is quicker off the line and bmw says the convertible hits 60 mph in a claimed 5. We decided against the 335i because the 328i is bmws volume model, and. This article is about the bmw 328 sports car of 19361940. The 2009 335 still using n54 engine the one with hpfp issue.

All new for 2019, the iconic and perennially popular bmw 3series remains one of the more dynamic luxury sedans available. We test drive the 2019 bmw 330i and find that its a much better car to drive than the car it replaces. These floor mats are the same or better quality as the original floor mats. But, the cost of the repairs done to both the m3 and 335i is terrible. Despite its lower price, the midrange 3series still comes with plenty of gear as standard, like dualzone climate control, 17inch wheels, auto wipers, premium leatherette upholstery, poweradjustable sport seats with drivers side. The servotronic steering on the 335 does feel nicer, but the 328 rack and pinion steering feels less artificial. The bmw 340i model is new for 2016, replacing the 335i, and has a. Upgrade forever with offtheshelf ots calibrations for most bolton modifications. As i mentioned before, the bmw brand is incredibly expensive to repair. To determine how big any bmws engine is, look at the second and third numbers in the cars name.

Thats in addition to the 340, and of course, the m3 with so many choices in the 3series lineup, some buyers could find themselves comparing the ranges various models, like the 320 and the 330. The 2014 bmw 3 series comes in four main variants 320i, 328i, 328d. Bmw added a new 3287d model to the lineup, which makes use of a 2. Compare msrp, invoice pricing, and other features on the 2010 bmw 328 and 2010 bmw 335 and 2010 bmw m3 cars for sale. The red one is a 2012 328ifour cylinders, 240 hp, sport package. Senior editor jason cammisa weighs in on the new bmw 3series by. Bmw will also offer a 328d wagon as well as a 5 series 6cylinder dieselpowered sedan. The fifth generation of the bmw 3 series consists of the bmw e90 sedan, bmw e91 wagon. Car and driver magazine listed the e90 on their ten best list eight. Its basic shell, known as the e90 chassis, was sold from 20062011. Its no secret that the bmw 3series has been a perennial car and driver favorite, the bavarian bahn stormers having appeared among our 10best cars for many years before dropping off the 2015 list. Available as a twodoor coupe or a fourdoor sedan, the 335i embodies the heart and soul of the bmw 335 lineup. In the bmw 320i vs 328i comparison, the second one will be the winner in this category. Only thing after you drive a 335 is that you will like it more over the 328, if you are not a high performance driver the 328 is the way to go directly based on price vs the 335s higher sticker.

A chassis rig reveals why the e90 and f30 feel so different. The 25 in bmw 325 means that the car has an engine with 2. The rivalry between alfa romeo and bmw is nothing new, even though the italian brand is newly returned to our shores. The bmw 3series is a perennial winner of car and driver s 10best cars award and has won every comparison test in which it has competed since the e90 series was launched in 2005. Of all the vehicles in the long, exciting history of bmw, i think well look back on the 20092011 bmw 335d as the brands single and greatest allaround, doeverything, onevehicleforalljobs car.

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