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Its not often youre behind a professional race car driver whos pushing flat out in a porsche 911. In the age of the taycan, the porsche 918 spyder is aging. The 918 spyder is not a car to simply jump in and blast off on first encounter. The mclaren 720s and porsche 918 spyder are identically quick on the drag strip. Note that the car has no accessory drive belts, and its cams are chain. Editorial director harry metcalfe takes a passenger ride with walter rohrl in the new porsche 918 spyder. Earlier, the motor trend team was at willow springs raceway, where our favorite racing driver, randy pobst, belted in and set the productioncar. Youre in a holiday spot with a shiny new car, in this case in st. Mclaren 720s and porsche 918 spyder drag racing video. Porsche 918 spyder driver showing off crashes in car park. E drive allows the car to run under battery power alone, using the rear electric motor and front motor, giving a range of 29 kilometres 18 mi for the concept model. Car and driver only the porsche 918 spyder and the.

The porsche 918 spyder is a midengined plugin hybrid sports car by porsche. Porsche 918 spyder, porsche cars, ferdinand porsche, volkswagen, auto poster, poster poster, touareg, car and driver, car car. Porsche has ended production of its 918 spyder hybrid supercar. Porsches 918 spyder is the quickest production car yet. Support race car driver included every porsche 918 spyder comes with the oncall support of professional race car driver david donohue, and just like the 918 spyder, david is built from legendary racing stock. Lets face it, unless they want to make a secret getaway from the scene of a misdemeanour, noones going to drive this car. The 918 spyder was first shown as a concept car at the geneva motor show in march 2010, the resulting avalanche of enquiries convincing porsches. Car and driver magazine the tech 50 porsche 918 spyder. It took porsche years to develop a worthy successor to the vaunted carrera gt supercar, but at last, the 918 is hereand its a plugin hybrid. Ford gt destroys lightning lap record detroit news. See baby driver trade subaru for a porsche 918 in top 5. Car and driver listed the 2015 porsche 918 spyder as the quickest car of the decade, with a 2. We are pleased to offer this 2015 porsche 918 spyder presented in gt silver metallic over a stunning garnet red leather interior. Independent tests proved the 918 even quicker, with car and driver reporting 060 mph in just 2.

First drive porsche 918 spyder get the latest car news. The modern version of the porsche 959, the pluginhybrid 918 spyder, like the modern version of miami, is bigger and more slickly presented than the old car. Being a plugin hybrid, the 918 spyder can do all this and run silently in electriconly mode for a quoted range of 18 miles. Porsche 918 spyder dominates car and driver lightning lap. Ansel elhort and porsche test driver lars kern discuss the stunning features on the 918 spyder hybrid hypercar to start the second season of top 5. These cars coupled already highperformance engines with groundbreaking hybrid technology. In car and drivers independent test of the porsche 918 they achieved 060 mph 97 kmh in 2. Find out why the 2015 porsche 918 spyder is rated 8. A few years ago, a vehicle with this engineering spec would have been like the mars rover, or a napkin scribble in the pocket of a. The maximum level of performance delivered by the vehicle, namely through its. View the most accurate porsche 060 times and 14 mile times for all porsche models from the most popular car magazine sources. Porsche 918 spyder features and specs car and driver. Watch how porsche brand ambassador maria sharapova and porsche works driver mark webber took the 918 spyder for a test drive in the stuttgart surroundings.

The porsche 918 spyder sits at the very heart of the holy trinity of supercars along with the ferrari laferrari and mclaren p1 as cars that define the ultimate. The porsche 918 spyder was designed by michael mauer. The 2015 porsche 918 spyder delivers unheralded levels of both performance and efficiency in a supercar. We park the updated 2020 audi r8 spyder next to a couple of amfera harleys and see two burly beards out front lighting up. The 2015 porsche 918 spyder is a hybrid thats nearly as fast as a bugatti veyron but way more fun to drive. Porsche 918 spyder first drive motor trend motortrend. The 918 received much acclaim for its high performance and efficiency, with porsche providing figures of 060 mph in 2. The name says porsche 918 spyder, on the picture we have a closed top 918 weissach package martini racing livery and i dont even know where the stats of the 918 rsr or the regular. To meet the drivers requirements, the 918 spyder exhausts all possibilities. See baby driver trade subaru for a porsche 918 in top 5 series. In the 918 spyder, porsche is launching the future of the sportscar. The 2015 porsche 918 spyder achieves a lap time of 2 minutes, 43.

The porsche 918 spyder is a limited production, midengined plugin hybrid hypercar by porsche overview. Porsche has not denied plans to one day build a 918 spyder successor, although it said its not in any imme. The 918 spyder, the final piece of the trinity threesome, was porsche s answer to the new breed of hybrid hypercars. Only the 2009 mosler mt900s comes close, at 2 minutes, 45.

We recorded the fastest zeroto60mph production car time in car and driver history. Presented in immaculate overall condition, this 918 spyder is a porsche collectors dream. Read more and see pictures of this historic porsche at car and driver. Were sure many readers can relate to how the porsche 918 spyder driver in this video must have felt. In isolation the 2015 porsche 918 spyder is a really quite fantastic amalgam of ultrahightech and conventional engineering and, as a result, provides a. Two generations of porsche hypercars prove to be fine drugs of choice for this or any other era.

It takes some time behind the wheel and vital familiarization with the various switches controlling the advanced. Porsche 918 spyder laptimes, specs, performance data. The final porsche 918 spyder has been produced car and driver. Project leader frank walliser calls the 918 a manchine, in part because its engine wails all the way to the 9150rpm fuel cutoff with soulsmacking conviction.

Ride in any high performance car is a relative thing, and compared with its peers the 918 spyder returns a comfortable driving experience. Sit back and enjoy the onboardfootage in this video. Learn more about price, engine type, mpg, and complete safety and warranty information. Mike austin gets a chance to drive the first and newest hybrid supercar from porsche, the 918 and for our august issue, he gives us his initial impressions of the whizbang beast from stuttgart. This 918 s cabin has been upholstered in garnet red leather with deviated silver piping. Tesla model s ranked in car and drivers top 10 quickest. The 918 spyder offers five different running modes. The kingda ka roller coaster at six flags great adventure in freehold gah, sorry, its off the freehold exit in, nj uses a steam catapult system similar to the one used to fling fighters off an aircraft carrier to propel the car from 0mph in 3. Its hard to conceptualize the porsche 918 spyder as a car at all. My first look at the porsche 918 spyder including an intro to the car, start and revs, some onboard shots and tunnels and my first drive at the wheel of the 887hp hypercar. A combination of display screens, touchscreen panels and traditional analog gauges provide the driver with easy access to performance data and onboard entertainment. At car and driver s annual virginia international raceway faceoff, streetlegal gt bests porsche 918 supercar.

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