Nsimon's town gaa coaching manual book pdf

Mission statement to provide a more structured, balanced and equal opportunity for children to take part in hurling. The approach and underlying principles of this manual are shaped by the coaching philosophy and values agreed by the beann eadair coaching committee in 2017. Use fleximarkers approximately 10m from each circle, set a cone. Line up three or four players at each cone red, yellow and white on the diagram. Foundation level, level 1 and level 2 courses have been developed in association with the n. Furthermore maximizing participation and improving standards of coaches, players and building a better link with the gaa club and local institutions. Coaching course, caman get a grip is specifically geared for children aged seven to ten. The pathway to elite performance helps guide us as we aim to avoid improper focuses of. Spend less time searching and more time delivering out on the pitch. The gaa coach education programme 2 the gaa s coach education programme has seen in excess of 35,000 participants certi. The fun do learning resource pack contains a series of manuals, dvds and dvdroms that can be used by parents, coaches and teachers to organise fun filled coaching sessions for primary school. Coach how to watch the ball all the way down to the point where it strikes hisher foot better balance 3. To ensure that player development is central to our coaching we should try to include work on as many of.

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